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Here you'll find some of the music I've recorded. They're relatively old at this point, and I'd like to record music again, once I have time to pick up yet another hobby again :-).

These are ordered by recency.

I recorded this album in 2017 on Father's Day. All the tracks are instrumental. I recorded them using a pretty cheap MIDI controller I found at a pawn shop and a kind of nice MIDI-USB interface I had back then that also worked with my XLR microphone a friend had given me. I used Logic Pro to record these and did so in the sun, in the backyard of the place I was living at the time.

A friend and I recorded this next one. The lyrics are improvised, except for the two covers. We ripped off Beat Happening on most of these, on a scale from somewhat to completely, depending on the track. It's pretty obvious if you're familiar with BH.

This next set of tracks I recorded with the same friend as the previous "EP", and was the first time I'd ever digitally recorded and produced music. We recorded the entire "album" in one long sleepless night. Much of the recording utilises "found instruments". In other words, we banged a bunch of stuff together in a "musical" way. We also used some MIDI instruments and a guitar we recorded via a USB microphone. To be fair, the guitar was out of tune the whole time anyway, I don't think it was cheating :-).