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Flower Festival 2023

Late updated: 2023-12-03

For my spouse's birthday this year we went to the Tesselaar Kabloom flower festival in the Dandenong mountains, just East of Melbourne. It was really a sight to behold, all the flowers in bloom. When we first arrived, we spent some time poking around the smaller garden areas next to the performance space. Once we heard the music start on the stage, we wandered over, got a fried potato spiral for my spouse, and watched a fascinating acrobatic performance of flowers blooming. The performers danced on tall poles and interacted with each other, pulling open each other's petals. A person danced in the center, also on a pole, but inside of some sort of woody cage. They in particular played pranks on the flowers outside. The meaning was inscrutible, but it was fun to watch. At one point they threw heaps of confetti everywhere and the little kids had a blast running around and screaming with joy. The musician was pretty cool too, they danced around playing a bass saxophone to the ethereal and plucky driving beat of the music.

After that, we walked down to the large flower fields. We walked up and down all the beautiful rows of flowers and especially enjoyed the sunflowers, my spouse's favourite. Most of these photos are from down in the field.

I've since lost the RAW files for these, which is a shame, as I'd really like to be able to redevelop many of them that are too dark or have unbalanced colouring. My approach and knowledge to RAW development and in-camera exposure has changed a lot since I originally took these photographs in April (writing this in December). But, it is fun to look back and see how I was approaching things then anyway, and especially cool to discover what a transformation my approach really has taken! If you compare these to the Raymond Island gallery, the difference in priorities is clear. Photos I've more recently developed are much brighter.

My favourites are towards the top.